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December 2017 Successes
More Successes from 2017

Kellie Caldwell

"I feel like I've won the lottery"

Welcome booklet… check. Success Foundations booklet… check. I feel like I’ve won the lottery, and I was able to celebrate some big wins just through the process of reading and doing the work.

I implemented many of these action items in the past few weeks! And, on the topic of resilient, my daughter just completed her 8th grade end of year Resilience Cafe Project… and the person she chose? Mom. I’ve got that mindset habit in the bag!

Dionne Paige

"A truly inspirational program"

Can I just say that the experience I have had so far is exceptional. I really enjoyed my appointment with Andy, what a lovely man and module 1 was fantastic. I feel great about the high standard of service and I’m really glad to be working with people that are as customer focused as I like to be. Thank you everyone… a truly inspirational program.

Melissa Kirkpatrick

"This material is mind blowing!"

OMGoodness ladies! This material is mind blowing! Grace Lever I love the format and of course the content. I’m seeing/hearing so much more clearly and have only read the first two booklets.

Ladies, this is definitely going to be an amazing ride to 7-figure incomes for us women entrepreneurship. See you at the top!

Janelle Arnold

"This journey is certainly an amazing one"

This journey is certainly an amazing one… and has been one of such personal growth as I face fear time and time again.

I am really not techy - and still have no idea how to focus a camera manually (so REALLY not techy…) but thanks to so much advice, hits and a really good ‘map’ (thanks Grace) I am here on the cusp so to speak.

Molly Ann

"I am taking Massive Imperfect Action"

I have been holding back from launching my landing page due to my fear of sales but thanks to the Doers Inner Circle, I am taking Massive Imperfect Action! And it feels amazing!

So proud of myself - and honest, I think I’m actually starting to like sales a bit more now. Thank you all for the immense support and encouragement. We can do it!

Lucy Hendriks

"It has been life changing"

I can’t tell you how incredibly grateful I am for coming across your FB ad and discovering you. It has been life changing and the best money I have ever spent on my business.

Sasha Holland

"In one year, I have increased my profits x 10"

Ladies, let me tell you it can be done! With Grace’s help you can do it!
In one year I have increased my profits x10 from latest year, set up a fully functional home office, created a custom built website, hired an intern who will be permanent part time as from January, created an online membership program and so much more.
And now for my reward! My newest team member and my new company car “Hollando”! WOOHOO!

Lisa Munro

"Such a positive impact!"

How beautiful that you are reaching so many female entrepreneurs and having such a positive impact! You should be mega, mega proud of the goodness, kindness and empowerment you are sharing and spreading!

Shelly Yorgeson

"You have opened my eyes..."

You have opened my eyes to a new world of business possibility and prospects.

Margaret Igbinovia

"Exactly what I need for my business"

The fundamentals of the program are exactly what I need for my business. It is essential for business marketing, and should be at the core of every business plan.

Nicki Kuurman

"Helped my gain essential marketing knowledge..."

This has helped me gain the essential marketing knowledge I was so desperately lacking and some I didn’t know I needed!

Stephanie Ritchey

"Awoke to 20 new leads!"

I entered a new FB ad yesterday and this morning awoke to 20 new leads for my business! 

Dorota Espino

"Out of this world amazing..."

Grace’s program is out of this world amazing! Filled with amazing value and training you won’t get anywhere else! I did it and it already changed my business immensely!

Martine Lafarges

"Saw her business skyrocket..."

I have a friend who highly recommended it and I saw her business skyrocket after participating in The Identity Project and the Doing Academy.

I already had a killer eCourse created with decent sales through affiliates, but knew your funnel could help me put that on autopilot and focus my efforts on my passion projects!

Elizabeth Bourgeret

"Your no fluff policy means the world to me" 

I appreciate your straight-forward approach. Your “no fluff” policy means the world to me because I just don’t have the time or the money (or the patience!) to waste anymore.

I have spent thousands upon thousands to find that “missing piece” that was holding my business back and you really helped to shave that down.

Anne McKeown

"Practical, profitable information"

This girl is awesome. She’s the real deal and her training is full of practical, profitable information.

Roma Waterhouse

"This actually is working!"

I’m so excited, this actually is working! Yesterday I was so frustrated because I had only had three sales in ten days...And then voila sales started coming in yesterday afternoon.

Ingrid Lecke

"Crossing paths with you has been the most uplifting and inspiring experience"

Thanks so much Grace you amazing babe. Crossing paths with you and your awesomeness has been the most uplifting and inspiring experience. 

Your passion is contagious and I totally channeled that yesterday. I even got a selfie stick video in with all the babes behind me to utilize later. Thanks to you that was possible!

Bernadette Cheet

"It feels very personal and I feel you are a friend with my best interests at heart"

What you offer is spot on, no fluff, no over promising and under delivering, priced right, offer support and community. It feels very personal, and I feel you are a friend with my best interests at heart. You are passionate at what you do and teach and you pass that passion on to your staff.

Rachel Warren

"Practical, profitable information"

This girl is awesome. She’s the real deal and her training is full of practical, profitable information.

Kim Kingston

"Thanks for the latest and greatest in advertising"

You guys are outstanding. Thank you for giving us the latest and greatest in advertising.
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